Home Investigation

Experiencing activity in your home? Looking for answers? We will respectfully visit your home and conduct a full service Paranormal Investigation, free of charge. Investigations can conducted privately, or featured on our YouTube channel.

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Business Investigation

Experiencing activity in your business? Are your employees concerned their workplace may be haunted? We will come to your business and conduct a full service paranormal investigation, free of charge. We would love to feature your business on our YouTube channel, and will work with you as marketing consultants to help maximize local and state-wide publicity.

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Ghost Hunters for Hire!

Need a guest for your podcast? Need a team for your ticketed Ghost Hunting event? Looking to collaborate on a YouTube video? Look no further - Mystic Mitten Paranormal Group would love to speak with you!


Evidence "Hall of Fame"

Take a look at some our favorite, peer-reviewed captures from our investigations!

Memphis Cemetery EVP - "It's her" ...

Captured on our digital voice recorder at the infamous Memphis Cemetery in Macomb County, Michigan. Listen right before Hillary says "Did you just say something to me?". We believe we hear a little girl with a British accent saying "it's her". Take a listen below and decide for yourself!

To view the clip in context, watch our full investigationĀ HERE

Watch the full video

Harrison Township Private Residence - "Yes" and Peeking Light Anomaly

Captured on our night vision camera during a private residence investigation in Harrison Township, Michigan. Jessica asks "are you still here?" and what we believe to be the voice of a female child responds "yes". Watch the clip and decide for yourself!

To watch the clip in context, watch the full episodeĀ HERE

Watch the full video series below:

Zim's Bar & Grill (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) EVP - "Hello"

While recording her preliminary walk-through of Zim's Bar & Grill in Sault Ste. Marie, Jessica captured what we believe to be a voice whispering "hello" as she points the camera down into the basement where employees have heard disembodied voices after closing. Check it out and decide for yourself!

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