Q?  "What does the "Mitten" in "Mystic Mitten" mean?"

A: This is something we didn't realize was confusing until we started making friends from other states and countries! Since Michigan is shaped like, well .. a mitten, Michigander's love to refer to home base as "The Mitten"! "Mystic Mitten" refers to our magical, mystical, home state of Michigan!

Q?  "Are you professional Paranormal Investigators?"

A: Yes! Although, what makes someone a "professional" in our field really depends on who you talk to. Handling each of our client cases and investigations with professionalism, respect, and integrity is of the utmost importance to our organization. We collaborate with public institutions, provide educational entertainment, and most of our activities are entirely non-profit. Unfortunately there isn't a Paranormal Ethics committee or certification process, so Paranormal Investigators must rely on their reputations. It is our goal to present unbiased, peer-reviewed findings with transparency and integrity. We want to help our clients conquer and/or explore their fears of the unknown. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, and we strive to take a neutral, logic based approach to investigation while maintaining space for the innately spiritual qualities of what we do.

Q?  "Can you take a look at my picture/ video?"

A: Heck yes! We receive a lot of messages daily, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up, but we do our best to respond to every request and inquiry as quickly as possible! Send us your photos, videos, links, and stories on our facebook page!! We'd love to see them! http://facebook.com/mysticmitten