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Co-Founded by Hillary Stone and Jessica Krutell in 2017,

Mystic Mitten Paranormal Group is a female owned, professional Paranormal Investigation and ITC Research group based in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Mystic Mitten seeks to blend science-minded observation with the metaphysical while investigating the paranormal.

Since February of 2018, Hillary and Jessica have been documenting their adventures investigating private residences, historical landmarks, and business around Michigan with reported paranormal activity for their YouTube channel.

Take a look at the multi-part series filmed at a private residence in Harrison Township, Michigan:

Our Approach

We come equipped with all the tools you've seen on your favorite ghost hunting TV shows in addition to other other cutting edge devices and technology to experiment with. After many investigations, we've found our most basic tools to be the most reliable for collecting truly unexplained evidence. We have tools to measure and observe environmental or natural factors that could account for perceived activity, and approach everything with a cautionary perspective of logic before assuming something to be paranormal.

On TV you often see ghost hunters investigate locations without the property owners or residents, however we enjoy including and involving our clients as much as they'd like! We'd love it if you'd stick around and participate in our experiments!

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